Objectives of Folk International :

*  Developing the cottage industries and individual crafts person.

  1. *  Introducing training programs to cover; new product development, quality awareness required for the global export market,                         productivity, costing and working as a team.

  1. *  Poverty alleviation through sustained and regular income.

  1. *  To supply raw materials to the crafts persons and groups, to enable goods to be produced regularly and in accordance with market            demand.                         

  2. *  To assist and work towards the producer groups having improved access to facilities such as; education, communications, electricity          sanitation  and clean water.

  3. *  Encouraging self esteem, confidence, leadership and social awareness.

  4. *  Supporting a credit program to the groups as and when required.

  5. *  Active involvement in relief programmers  due to natural disasters.

  6. *  To promote the crafts of Bangladesh, through the retail showroom, exhibitions held in the showroom, and through participation in               International Trade Fairs and local trade fairs and exhibitions.

  7. *  To support the crafts person, by helping with day care facilities for the children, and assisting with free education.